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Training Philosophy


Our Training Philosophy

Working effectively with dogs often takes a variety of tools and techniques. Because of each dogs temperament, breed and uniqueness; they are wired and made differently. Learning to work with the positive attributes of their temperament – while correcting their irksome or destructive tendencies can often pose a challenge beyond  most peoples abilities.

More often than not, as we struggle to change or subdue our stubborn dogs "unbecoming behaviors" – we become frustrated, angry and find ourselves resorting to methods that may encourage these behaviors all the more. At these times, we do not find them to be “man’s best friend.”

It has been said, If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” - Abraham Maslow

Pawsibilities exists to help you add safe and effective tools & techniques that will get results that you have been longing for with your dog. While many breeds have been “engineered” by man for specific tasks, personalities, temperaments and abilities, despite the breed, purebred or mixed, your dog is still knit together by the Creator to positively respond to a loving, caring & consistent leader that they can look to for guidance (what to do and when; leadership), provision (exercise, food, care, socialization & proper mental stimulation) and boundaries (setting limits; encouraging good behaviors through appropriate praise – while minimizing or eliminating unacceptable behaviors through loving and meaningful discipline, redirected activities and proper reward) – in short benevolent leadership. With an expanded repertoire of tools and techniques; you will have solutions that your dog can understand and will re-kindle their desire to please you. They can become a pleasure and not nuisance.

Pawsiblities recognizes that there are numerous training methods, devices, and philosophies that are productive, useful and being employed today - with each having its followers. It is my belief that the effective and humane use of any learned technique, tool or strategy often depends on the wisdom of the dog trainer, and his/her ability to ultimately be able to transfer such methods or skills to the dogs Owner. For when all is said and done; you are after change or modification of your dogs annoying, inappropriate or unacceptable behaviors through effective and humane techniques that you can learn, maintain & lovingly implement. Pawsibilities is committed to helping you achieve your goal!

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