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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limits of your of your service area?
Pawsibilities serves the greater Northern California area: Including the Bay Area, Central Valley & Sierra Foothill regions. Special arrangements can be made for outlying areas - contact us about your specific situation.

How much will it cost to train my dog?
The answer to this question is dependent on several factors:
What type of training is being requested?
Is the training at your home - or with a group at a public location?
A different number of sessions or time may be requested by you; or recommended by us.
Sessions may be package priced, hourly, or as agreed in advance.

Do you provide kennel training?

No.  By necessity, many kennel training facilities may work with your dog 1/2 hour to 1 hour a day - while your dog sits in the kennel for the better part of every 24 hour period. This in turn may create other issues for your dog and does not give you the benefit of "hands on learning" and observation of training techniques - which we believe necessary for you and your dog. Your participation in the training process - and practice of learned techniques between sessions - will further enhance your leadership and relationship with your dog. Remember, it is our goal to help you gain the knowledge necessary for a long and successful relationship with your dog.

How will it cost to train my dog?

Contact Pawsibilities for specific pricing. There will be no charge for initial phone consultation. (Ideally, we like to perform private in home sessions (2 - 6 hours each) for evaluation and training. We believe in home training is best for you and your dog; as it generally provides less distraction, allowing better observation of your dog in his home environment, creates a more relaxed and personalized training session - thus maximizing your time and investment in your dog. After the initial training period(s) - we can talk by phone or email for no charge - prior to determining the need for a return visit or additional training.

Do you do "protection" or "attack dog" training?


Pawsibilities is an authorized Dogtra e-collar dealer. We provide instruction on the safe and effective use of this training tool.  Pawsibilities can provide specific collar recommendations

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